All My Phones from 2014 until 2022

I finally made an updated video about all the phones that I had from 2014 until 2022.
In this video I am going over all the phones, I am mentioning briefly
things that I remember about them and I am also including closeups of the phones.

I kept almost all of the phones… but there was one missing,
keep reading below if you want to know more.

Video Timetable:

00:00 – Intro
01:33 – iPhone 5S since 2014
01:46 – iPhone 5C since November 2014
02:18 – iPhone 6 since April 2015
02:42 – Huawei P9 since February 2017
03:40 – Xiaomi Pocophone F1 since March 2019
04:08 – Motorola Moto G Fast since January 2021
05:39 – Samsung Galaxy A42 since May 2021
06:28 – Huawei P20 Pro July 2021
06:53 – Mystery phone ? since November 2021
07:16 – Samsung Galaxy A12 since December 2021
07:49 – Motorola Moto G200 since April 2022
09:24 – Outro

There was one more phone that I used, but I didn’t have it available and since I was including closeups – I decided to skip that phone because I didn’t wanted to ruing the sequence of the video.

The missing phone is Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini which I had in October 2014. That is also the reason why I got confused between October and November 2014 in the video.

I was able to find few photos of that phone.

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