Hello, I’m Esther White.

I have been a freelance Photographer for over 9 years,
Photo Editor / Graphic & Web Designer for over 7 years,
Video Editor / YouTuber for about 6 years,
and of course I am also a Web Developer.

Even though I have been designing websites
using drag and drop site boulders such as Weebly,
and more elaborate CMS site builders such as WordPress
– ever since 2012, I only got properly into coding about 2 years ago.

Of course I started by learning the golden frontend trio – HTML, CSS & JS.
My extended Photoshop experience helped me pick up on a lot of similarities
between doing graphic design and working with CSS.

My favorite part of doing frontend is actually coding my own vanilla CSS,
and this is why I am not a huge fan of frameworks such as Bootstrap.
Even though they may help saving time, they take away the fun for me.
CSS preprocessors, such as SASS, on the other hand, are quite nice.