10 Best JavaScript Video Courses – with Samples 2022

In this video I am going over 10 JavaScript courses that I took
and I am sharing my personal experience and thoughts about them.

In addition .forEach(course) 😉 I am checking the following:

  1. CURRENT – Whether the course has been recently published and if it’s content is still relevant.
  2. FIRST COURSE – Whether the course is suitable to be your first ever JS course.
  3. FAST-PACED – How fast the instructor speaks and how fast they go trough the topics.
  4. 25 HOURS OR UNDER – This is the total length of the course.
  5. PROJECTS – Does the course include complete projects that you could add to your portfolio.
  6. CODING TASKS – Dose the course include any code-alongs, coding exercises, challenges or tasks.
  7. FRAMEWORKS – Is there a framework follow-up in the course or in additional course by the same instructor.
  8. INSTRUCTOR AVAILABILITY – Whether you can reach the instructor if you need additional help with any of the topics covered in the course.

#10 Tony Alicea – Udemy
#9 Jonas Schmedtmann – Udemy
#8 Maximillian Schwarzmuller from Academind – Udemy
#7 Colt Steele & Stephen Grider – Udemy
#6 Andrei Neagoie from Zero To Mastery – Udemy
#5 James Q Quick – YouTube
#4 Hitesh Choudhary – YouTube
#3 Brad Traversy from Traversy Media – Udemy
#2 Morten Rand-Hendriksen – LinkedIn Learning
#1 Kalob Taulien – Arbington

BONUS – The Net Ninja – Udemy


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